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Shows the current status of your business financial profile ... "how lenders see you"
Shows all aspects of your current digital positioning ... "how prospects see & find you"
Provides a complete financial and digital positioning scan all in one place and for free.
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Is Your Business On The Path To Success?

Business owners are on ONE of THREE paths.

Bridge Is Out

Bridge Is Out Path

50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years. This leads to a loss of personal savings, credit, assets, and relationships. Get help before you fall off the bridge.

Path To Nowhere

Path To Nowhere

90% of small business owners end up only creating a long hour low paying job that ends up being worth nothing. Get off this path before you burn out.

Path To Success

The Success Path

Build strong business credit, increase financing, maximize owner earnings, create a business worth hundreds of thousands or more. Get on the success path.

Run Your Success Scan Now!

12 Key Success Elements

We scan each of the 12 key success elements, show where your business is right now, and then provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide how to complete and optimize each key element.

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What We Do

Our business success scan shows where you stand for available funding, becoming bankable, business credit, reporting trade-lines, directory listings, search engine placement, star ratings, NAP validation, social media engagement, and more. In seconds and for free.

Financial Position

The financial position scan shows how lenders and credit providers will see you and then approve funding.

Digital Position

The digital position scan shows where you are for SEO, social media, local directories, star ratings and more.

Complete & Optimize

Shows how to optimize the 12 key success elements to increase capital, customer traffic and revenue.

The Success System Has 6 Vital Steps

After completing your free success scan you get access to:

Lenders will categorize your business as a high risk of default if your lender compliance items are not completed. There are 20 you must check-off.
Do you know exactly how to optimize your business and personal credit? Knowing what lenders require for approval first helps. Get help now.
There are over 4,000 business lenders that all have multiple funding programs. Knowing what it takes to get approved for each program is vital.
Where does your business stand for SEO, social media, back links, customer reviews, star ratings? Know where and exactly what to do.
There are over 40 local listing directories that your business should be listed on correctly if you want people to find you. Are you on them?.
Are you ready to sell your business tomorrow and get your very best price? ODE is what you should be maximizing, are you? Know your ODE.

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